Guru and Gauranga

Two very special days in Gaudiya Vaishnavism occur in succession at this time of year. Today is the appearance day of Swami. B.V. Tripurari, who as many of you know is our teacher by some good fortune. Tomorrow, as everyone likely knows, is Gaura Purnima.

As time has been limited with other services/responsibilities to take care of, I wasn’t able to make a more creative project to mark these days as I would have liked (hopefully in the coming years). Instead, I thought I would combine the Gaura and Guru post together by sharing a quote from Swami Tripurari on Gaura from his book Sacred Preface (after all Guru and Gauranga naturally go together properly understood).

I can’t recommend this book enough, no matter your respective teachers. Sacred Preface, is an extended commentary on the auspicious invocation—mangalacarana—of Krsnadasa Kaviraja’s Sri Caitanya-caritamrta. A must read for anyone wanting to develop a deeper understanding of Sri Caitanya and his four principal associates (Panca-Tattva), especially from the perspective of a modern practitioner.
You can get the kindle edition here:



Physical copy here:

If you would like to read more on Gaura, here is a nice article:

And here is a wonderful and beautiful analysis of our dear teacher by Swami Bhakti Praṇaya Padmanābha for anyone interested:

May everyone have a wonderful Gaura Purnima tomorrow. I will resume the Gita Intro posts on Monday (apologies for missing a week).

You can view the video here:

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